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The Single User option is for the individual developing themselves on their own dime. For a single $900 investment the one user has full access to all sessions, materials and exams for 12 months. They can set up their own schedule to keep them on pace and track. They can review any sessions as many times as they wish, retake exams as often as needed until they have mastered the program and its contents.
This is for the organization with multiple salespeople of 2 to 20,000. For an annual access fee of $2,000 the organization has full access. As they add individual users, a fee of $350 is added for each. This gives the individual user full access to the sessions, videos, materials and exams. The organizations “administrator” can assign users a schedule, has full access to each individual’s progress and can add or delete users as needed and has a full “dashboard” to monitor and administer the program as needed. For groups of 31-50 individual users the fee is $300, over 51 is $250 per individual users.