The Psychology of Selling

The challenge selling today is not so much “how to sell”, rather how well does my team understand the psychology of selling and decision making through our customers eyes! The market has changed and the old sales trainer with “old school selling” just isn’t hitting the mark, is it?

Yes Gerry understands your situation

As the VP of Sales he is seeing the market and buyers changing. The challenge is sales is having the sales team that understands the changes, the psychology of selling in this new market and the adaptability to perform and bring home the bacon.

He too has those more seasoned top performers that are now struggling to adapt and understand how to sell in this new paradigm. Also, the new recruits that are picking up the old bad habits from the rest of the sales team and the turnover rate is rising as the promising younger talent leaves.

He too has provided the sales training programs, tried the sales coaching; if he has the time and capacity to do so, only to see the sales numbers hold at best, while profits slip.

Gerry was doing his best to build the right team, with the right players, with the best products and services, yet there was something missing, something not connecting with these new buyers. What is it that is missing?

Might this story be yours as well as Gerry’s? If so The New Paradigm Selling may just be the missing link for both of you… Here is why…

Top 3 Key Outcomes

Selling today is about decision making and facilitating those decisions!

  • All sales require 1 to 100 decisions before the check is cut, how do you be part of each
  • Understanding and directing the decision making of buyers
  • Discovering if not being the “starting incident” in the decision process
  • Master the questioning art that leads buyers through their decision process

Selling today is more than just a relationship.

  • How to become the type of sales person that challenges buyers thinking
  • Master the art of facilitative questions that accelerate decisions
  • Build great rapport along with unquestionable trust
  • Master the art of true relationships based on performance based on respect, trust, conflict

Selling today is about ethical influencing and persuasion.

  • Master the five steps of the persuasion process that have nothing to do with product
  • Direct and control the decision process and shorten the buying cycle
  • Build the unquestionable trust that eliminates competitors and pricing issues
  • Master the ability to walk with, not push, your buyers through decisions


Ryan Raguse, Myraid Mobile

Matt Fischer, S&S Promotional Group

Dan, From Culinex

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